• Economic Ward Profiles – 2023 (Bucks LEP)

    Economic profiles for the 10 Opportunity Bucks wards (i.e. the wards of Buckinghamshire where people are experiencing the most hardship). The profiles provide an overview of the local economy plus information on the labour market status of residents and potential barriers to employment.


  • Local Insight (Buckinghamshire Council)

    Local Insight can be used to explore a wide range of data and information about Buckinghamshire via maps, reports and dashboards in order to help inform decision making for Buckinghamshire Council and partners.

    Community intelligence mapping, reporting and area profiles are available at various levels of geography, including Districts, Electoral Divisions and CCGs.

  • Good Growth Index (Demos-PwC)

    The Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index covers broad measures of economic wellbeing, including jobs, income, health, skills, work-life balance, housing, transport and the environment. The Index can be explored at LEP level (Buckinghamshire) and city level (in which High Wycombe & Aylesbury are grouped together as a ‘city’).

  • Bucks Data Exchange

    The Bucks Data Exchange is a one-stop shop for data, insights and statistics about Buckinghamshire’s population. It is a collaborative platform and project delivered by Leap, The Rothschild Foundation, Buckinghamshire Council, Heart of Bucks, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, and Buckinghamshire’s Local Enterprise Partnership.

  • Levelling-up Indicators Explorer (ONS)

    ONS tool for comparing a local authority and the UK average (median) local authority by different indicators, such as weekly pay and healthy life expectancy.

  • Local health profiles and community board dashboards (Buckinghamshire Council) 

    Reports and dashboards focusing on the health and wellbeing of the local population.